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Report Date: Friday, Jul 12, 2024
Tree Count: Absent
Grass Count: Low
Weed Count: Moderate
Mold Count: High
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National Allergy Bureau Levels
Risk Level
Those Who Will Likely Suffer Symptoms
Absent No symptoms
Low Only individuals extremely sensitive to this pollen.
Moderate Many individuals sensitive to this pollen.
High Most individuals with any sensitivity to this pollen.
Very High Almost all individuals with any sensitivity to this pollen. Extremely sensitive people could have severe symptoms.
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About the Center
Welcome to the Online Pollen and Mold Center for Saint Louis County, MO and the metropolitan area. The Center is a service of our Environmental Health Laboratories. We provide the official area pollen and mold readings for other agencies and the media.

These reports are updated every business day by 11 a.m. For a full daily report, click on the specific date. A daily recording is also available by phone:
(314) 615-6825
Daily Pollen and Mold Count reports have been published by Saint Louis County Department of Public Health, Environmental Health Laboratories since 1960.

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