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Report for Wednesday, March 23, 2011
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Aeroallergen report for:  Wednesday, March 23, 2011.
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Tree Pollens
Ash Hx 7 Low
Birch Hx 54 Moderate
Chestnut Hx 0 Absent
Elm Hx 54 Moderate
Hickory Hx 0 Absent
Juniper Hx 438 High
Maple Hx 116 High
Mulberry Hx 25 Moderate
Oak Hx 107 High
Pine Hx 29 Moderate
Poplar Hx 521 High
Sweetgum Hx 34 Moderate
Sycamore Hx 25 Moderate
Walnut Hx 4 Low
Willow Hx 7 Low
Weed Pollens
Cattail Hx 0 Absent
Dock Hx 0 Absent
Goldenrod Hx 0 Absent
Lambsquarter Hx 0 Absent
Nettle Hx 0 Absent
Plantain Hx 0 Absent
Ragweed Hx 0 Absent
Wormwood Hx 0 Absent
Grass Pollens
Grass Hx 7 Moderate
Molds Hx 3,568 Low
Air Quality Forecast
No Mon.
Air Quality data is not monitored from
Mid-September to Mid-May
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