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Report for Tuesday, April 3, 2007
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Aeroallergen report for:  Tuesday, April 3, 2007.
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Tree Pollens
Ash Hx 1,573 Very High
Birch Hx 31 Moderate
Chestnut Hx 0 Absent
Elm Hx 36 Moderate
Hickory Hx 9 Low
Juniper Hx 9 Low
Maple Hx 2 Low
Mulberry Hx 1,375 High
Oak Hx 2,038 Very High
Pine Hx 20 Moderate
Poplar Hx 20 Moderate
Sweetgum Hx 78 Moderate
Sycamore Hx 134 High
Walnut Hx 0 Absent
Willow Hx 87 Moderate
Weed Pollens
Cattail Hx 0 Absent
Dock Hx 0 Absent
Goldenrod Hx 0 Absent
Lambsquarter Hx 0 Absent
Nettle Hx 0 Absent
Plantain Hx 0 Absent
Ragweed Hx 0 Absent
Wormwood Hx 0 Absent
Grass Pollens
Grass Hx 0 Absent
Molds Hx 5,592 Low
Air Quality Forecast
No Mon.
Air Quality data is not monitored from
Mid-September to Mid-May
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Gingko = 9 Sedge = 4

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